It is a tool for automated transactions on cryptocurrencies exchanges. The application allows users to configure their own plans of purchase/sale or using an automated method of performing transactions by a professional trader.

In order to create an account you have to register at https://bot.at.systems - provide your login, password and e-mail address. Then you have to confirm the activation of the account by clicking the link provided in the e-mail.

You can transfer a chosen cryptocurrency to an individual user’s address. You can find the address in the tab „exchanges” after clicking the button „deposit” next to the chosen cryptocurrency. The funds are then added to the user’s account for a given exchange.

If you do not have any cryptocurrency yet, you can buy it at the exchange office or a cryptocurrency exchange and then transfer it to the user’s account. It is not possible for now to transfer funds in PLN, USD, EUR currency directly to the platform.

For every stock exchange and every currency there is a separate address generated. The funds that you paid in get to the common wallet and are transferred to a given stock exchange where they are used to conclude transactions.

This issue depends on a given exchange. Most of the exchanges accept payments in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC). All available cryptocurrencies can be found in the tab „Exchanges”. Software during the first days of working, accepts funds paid in Bitcoin, but we will successively add another cryptocurrencies to enable our users to pay in funds irrespectively of which cryptocurrencies they own.

They are available in the user’s panel in the tab „exchanges”. The available cryptocurrencies will have an active button „pay in”.

The paid in funds get to the common wallet that allows us to verify the payment for a given user. Next, the funds are transferred to an stock exchange and from the moment of receiving a proper number of confirmations, they will be available for use by the user. Transferring the funds to an exchange is performed a few times per day and its frequency will be increased with time.

Withdrawals have to be made in the user’s panel in the „My wallets” tab. You have to press the button „withdrawal” and provide the address for the cryptocurrency transfer. Withdrawal is completed within 24 hours. Some exchanges limit the amount of the currency you can withdraw and in such a case the withdrawal will depend on the queue. This is why we suggest to choose the exchanges which do not have such limitations.

You can set the parameters for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. We recommend this feature to the experienced users. In order to set the parameters manually, you have to choose the feature „manual” while creating/editing the plan.

Parameters allow to set buy/sell according to the price changes. Thanks to that we can simultaneously set the sale moment after an increase of the price above a set price/per cent or after its fall. There can be a few sets of parameters for buying and selling at the same time. All the conditions within one set must be fulfilled for the platform to set an offer. If we leave all the gaps empty in the parameters’ set, it is equal to the statement „always place an offer”.

We create two sets of of buying conditions for a pair USDT-BTC. In the first set, we specify that BTC must be bought below the price 8000 USDT and when within 1 hour the price increase will be above 0%. In the second set we specify that BTC must be bought when the price drops below 7000 USDT. The price is 7500 USDT, but the drop continues so only one of the conditions from the first set has been fulfilled and the Bot will not place an offer. Then the price drops below 7000 USDT, so all the conditions of the second set are fulfilled and the Bot will initiate placing purchase offers.

t can be limited through the parameter „Buy options” while creating/editing a plan. Thanks to this we can specify the amount of the currency spent in a given time.


  • We set up the plan and choose „buy for the whole amount”. The moment the conditions for purchase are fulfilled, the Bot will place offers for all the funds to buy, until the moment all the funds are spent.
  • We set up the plan and choose „Configure packages”. Then we can set the tool to buy for example for 10 USDT within one hour. The moment the conditions for purchase are fulfilled, the software will place offers until 10 USDT are spent. For the remaining time within the hour the tool will not make any purchases. If, within one hour, the tool spent only 1 USDT and stopped buying because the conditions on the exchange were not fulfilled, in the next hour, when the conditions are fulfilled, the tool will try to buy again for the whole 10 USDT.

Yes, all the performed operations are in the tab „History of plans” for a given plan.

There may be a few reasons for that. The tool is designed in such a way, so as to never lose at the value of a given cryptocurrency. If the software does not perform sales transactions it is possible that if the conditions were fulfilled, the sales price would cause a loss of value. Because of an automatic method of operations it could cause big losses of value for the user (e.g. buying all the time and selling at a lower price during drops). Another cause may be the fact that not all conditions of the restrictions set were fulfilled. It is worth to be careful not to set contradictory restrictions e.g. buy when the price is lower than 7000 USDT and higher than 7000 USDT.

At the moment the available exchanges are Binance and Poloniex. In the future we will add next exchanges, whose API allow opening our software.

There are two commissions charged: exchange commission and platform commission. Exchange commission depends on the exchange where the user creates their plans (it is possible to do it on a few exchanges simultaneously). The platform charges commission on transactions and it depends on the user’s turnover within the last 30 days. Commission thresholds are given in a separate tab „Fee” that you can access in the application.

Every transaction that the software makes is visible on the stock exchange. We display to the user the last performed transactions which can be found in the stock exchange’s history.

The training material is available in the tab „Tutorial”.

Yes, we are obliged to verify our clients.

Identity verification consists of two stages. In the first stage the user provides their data, including the bank account number that will be used for verification. Then the user receives the address of a bank account where the funds should be transferred by copying the transfer name from the application. The transfer name is used to verify, which user made the transfer for verification. Providing an incorrect transfer name makes it impossible to complete the verification process.

For security reasons of our users and because of the current legal regulations concerning the security of personal data, we do not want to force our users to send us scans of their IDs, bills etc. Banks clients have to verify their account in order to use this account and this is why we think that making a transfer is enough, if it includes the data confirming user’s identity. We have prepared this process in a way that ensures easy verification for our users and prevents frauds involving such a process.